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Interested in joining Troop 1? Boy Scouts is for all boys ages 11-17 (Grades 5-12). Feel free to drop by and watch a troop meeting. We meet on Monday nights at 7:00 at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa.

For more information on joining Troop 1 please click HERE or send an email to our recruitment chair at want2join@troop1tulsa.com

If you wish to have an announcement placed on the Website/EBlast or you need to send a troop wide E-mail, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@troop1tulsa.com

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Rescharter is coming soon!

Posted by admin on Oct 23 2015 - 12:42am

Recharter is fast approaching. Look for e-mails in the next couple of weeks about your membership dues.

Like us on Facebook

Posted by admin on Oct 19 2015 - 4:32pm

Troop 1 has a Facebook page!
"Like" us and stay connected to Troop 1 even better!

Scout Advancement

Posted by admin on Sep 18 2015 - 12:22am

Monday's Scout meeting is the last meeting before the upcoming Court of Honor. All Boards of Review and/or Scoutmaster Conferences for scouts needing to advance will need to be done at Monday's meeting. Scouts needing a Board of Review/Scoutmaster Conference need to be in a full Scout uniform and have their Scout Book. Contact Christian C. (Advancement Scribe) to schedule a BoR.

We will need AT LEAST 6 adult volunteers for Boards of Review. If you can assist, please contact Ed Sittler.

All advancement forms (rank advancement from scout book, Merit Badges blue cards) need to be shown to Eric Scholl Monday evening to be recorded in Troopmaster. Any advancement not recorded in Troopmaster will not be presented at the Court of Honor.

Hermit's Peak Shakedown meeting

Posted by wbherrington on Jul 7 2015 - 8:33pm

Let's meet to work out final details of the annual Troop 1 trip to El Porvenir at Las Vegas, NM.

  • When: Monday, July 13, 7 pm
  • Where: Troop room, Bernsen bldg, First Presbyterian

Byron Burke spent last weekend scouting the trail and campsite, and he says heavy rains have damaged some areas and may lead us to adjust our plans for the week. Agenda:

Hermit's Peak trip orientation 6/15

Posted by wbherrington on Jun 13 2015 - 8:31pm

Monday, June 15, we will have an orientation for the Hermit's Peak trip to Las Vegas, NM, on July 25-31. Topics include:

  • Trip Agenda - what we will do, day by day
  • Menu - Troop cooking in base camp, backpack cooking on the summit
  • Gear - What to bring for food, clothing, shelter
  • Training - Practice hikes at Turkey Mtn
  • Transportation - Does anybody need a ride?
  • Open questions

If you're planning to attend, this meeting is for you. If you're thinking about it but not sure yet, well, this meeting's for you, too. See you there.

A Walk in the Clouds: Hermit's Peak High Adventure Trip

Posted by admin on Apr 29 2015 - 1:15am

Backpacking up a 10,000-ft. mountain, visits to natural hot springs and mountain trout fishing are the highlights of this summer’s trip to New Mexico.

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